Split System Air Conditioning Installations

When you’re looking for an electrician specialising in split system air conditioning installation, Tiger Electrical is second to none.

At Tiger Electrical, we offer a range of split system aircon services, maintenance and repairs.

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Our Split System Aircon Services

At Tiger Electrical, we offer a full range of split system aircon services, from initial consultation, design, sales and installation. We can supply the world’s biggest manufacturers of aircon providing a lifetime of trouble free use. Our experts will offer the best advice on the many split system options whilst taking care of the whole process from start to finish providing a hassle free experience.

Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning Installation

  • Cost – Split systems initial cost is much less than a ducted system
  • Installation – Split system aircon installation is quicker and less invasive to you and your property
  • Maintenance – Since there is no ducting or units in ceilings, split systems are more accessible, plus they have user removable filters that can be easily cleaned. You can also arrange for regular maintenance through our other split system aircon services.
  • Air Purification – Most modern units will purify the air entering the room reducing allergens and dust

We Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

When you need split system aircon services you want to be sure you’re working with someone you know you can trust. So you can get to know us better, we’ve compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

If the answer you’re looking for can’t be found below, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0416 922 741.

  • Tell Me More About Tiger Electrical’s Split System Aircon Installations.

    Tiger Electrical are experts in split system air conditioning installations in Brisbane’s northside.

    Split systems are perfect for smaller spaces or where budget is important. They are much simpler and quicker to install as there is less design and planning involved. Modern units are far quieter and more energy efficient too.

    Modern split systems are capable of powering more than one room and also reverse cycle air conditions which can also heat as well as cool. Due to the flexibility of split systems they are ideal for small spaces or individual rooms within a property where a larger system wouldn’t be so cost effective.

  • Are You Fully Insured?

    Yes, Tiger Electrical is a fully insured business. We’re silver members of Master Electricians and take the safety of both our clients and team members very seriously.

  • So I Should Never Complete My Own Split System Aircon Services?

    It may be tempting to try to fix electrical issues or install air con yourself, but in our experience, homeowners often find themselves out of their depth.

    To arrange for split system air conditioning installations, contact us today.

  • Do You Offer Emergency Electrical Repairs?

    Our standard operating hours are from 7am until 5pm, Monday to Friday. Our emergency service is available 24/7.

  • Do You Work with Both Residential & Commercial Clients?

    Yes, our electricians in Brisbane have worked across both residential and commercial sectors. Find out more about the services we offer by visiting our commercial services section.

  • How Do I Know What My Split System Aircon Installation Will Cost?

    We do not charge flat prices, but rather individualise our services to suit your specific needs.

    While we are happy to give you an over the phone estimate, please note that this will be an approximate price range you can expect. As we pride ourselves on providing a transparent service to our customers, we will always go over quotes with you, ensuring you’re aware of each service you are paying for prior to beginning work.

    For more information or to book in, please get in touch on 0416 922 741.

  • Do You Only Offer Split System Air Conditioning in Brisbane North?

    At this stage, our local electricians tend to work within the Moreton Bay and Brisbane north areas.

    To find out if we service your local area, contact us directly on 0416 922 741.

  • How Do I Book Split System Aircon Installations?

    Organise specialist split system aircon services through the experienced team at Tiger Electrical by getting in touch with us today.