Emergency Electrician

If you’re in need of an emergency electrician to address a hazard that needs immediate attention, you can rely on us.

At Tiger Electrical, we specialise in a range of emergency electrical services to keep you safe.

Find out more about our emergency electrical services by getting in touch with the expert team today.

Our Emergency Electrical Services

If you have an electrical emergency such as exposed live wires, which pose a great safety risk, call us immediately and we’ll guide you through the necessary precautions until we are able to send someone out to fix it.

Other electrical emergencies may include:

  • Power Outages
  • Loss of Hot Water
  • Safety Switch Issues
  • Electrical Faults
  • Flooding and Storm Damage
  • Switchboard Issues

What Happens When You Call The Emergency Electrician?

When you call Tiger Electrical for an emergency, we will provide reliable advice that will keep you safe. Asking a series of questions, we will assess your situation, sharing all precautions you should be taking in the meantime. If you are unable to resolve the issue with our over-the-phone advice, we will come and assist whenever possible to ensure that your emergency is resolved.

We Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

When you need emergency electrical services, you want to be sure you’re working with someone you know you can trust. So you can get to know us better, we’ve compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

If the answer you’re looking for can’t be found below, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0416 922 741.

  • Tell Me More About Tiger Electrical’s Emergency Electrician.

    In addition to offering a 24/7 emergency service, we also provide after-hours electrical services to commercial businesses who require work to be done when their office or store is closed so as not to disrupt staff or customers.

    If you require this service, please give us a call to book a suitable time and day. You can also find more information on our range of commercial services here.

  • Are You Fully Insured?

    Yes, Tiger Electrical is a fully insured business. We’re silver members of Master Electricians and take the safety of both our clients and team members very seriously.

  • So I Should Never Complete My Own Emergency Electrical Services?

    It may be tempting to try to fix electrical issues yourself, but in our experience, homeowners often find themselves out of their depth.

    To arrange for an emergency electrical service on your property, contact us today.

  • Do You Offer Emergency Electrical Repairs?

    Our standard operating hours are from 7am until 5pm, Monday to Friday. Our emergency service is available 24/7.

  • Do You Work with Both Residential & Commercial Clients?

    Yes, our electricians in Brisbane have worked across both residential and commercial sectors. Find out more about the services we offer by visiting our commercial services section.

  • How Do I Know What My Emergency Electrician Will Charge?

    Any work or call outs that happen outside of our standard operating hours will be charged an additional fee based on location, time and the task at hand.

    For more information or to book an emergency electrician, please get in touch on 0416 922 741.

  • Do You Only Offer Emergency Electrical Services in Brisbane North?

    At this stage, our local electricians tend to work within the Moreton Bay and Brisbane north areas.

    To find out if we service your local area, contact us directly on 0416 922 741.

  • How Do I Book Emergency Electrical Services?

    Need emergency electrical services you can rely on 24/7? Contact our experienced emergency electrician today.