Smart Home Systems & Home Automation

Tiger Electrical offer smart home system installs across North Brisbane. If you are looking at fully automating your home then you should speak to us. The number of devices and uses you can add to your home or business is ever increasing, especially in the areas of security, doorbells, home cinema and lighting. Having your home wired up to incorporate the latest devices and appliances is an exciting experience that will future proof your home and lifestyle.

How do Smart Home Automation Systems work?

Essentially you are making a secure network in your home of concealed cables that connect to all-purpose remotes, that also include your own devices. The software then controls your home’s devices via these remotes, your devices, automated timers and voice activation.

Different users can have different abilities and you can also dial in from anywhere in the world securely. This has massive benefits for security like timing your lights and blinds to look like you are at home, being able to view your cameras (doors) and setting up alerts when suspicious activity is detected by sensors.

Common Smart Home System Uses

The whole area is moving fast with big tech industries all incorporating compatibility into this ever expanding technology as it simply makes life more convenient. The list of uses is almost endless but here are the most major applications of home automation:

  • Temperature and Climate Control
  • Lighting
  • Security (Alarms / Cameras)
  • Door Controls
  • Home Theatre & AV Systems

Benefits of a Smart Home

The obvious benefit is convenience. Imagine voice activating your favourite lighting and TV set up for movie night, simply configuring your lights and blinds to look like the house is occupied, seeing who is at the door from your phone when the doorbell rings. All these things make our lives easier, but also more secure. The security benefits are also huge, especially when factoring in the old and the young. A smart home system is also future proof with the inbuilt ability to add future appliances and products. Another benefit is that these systems will also add value to your property.

Why Choose Tiger Electrical?

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