Electrical Switchboard Upgrades

The switchboard in your house is the control panel for all your homes wiring. Older switchboards can be less safe or not be able to supply enough power if you want to add more appliances or an extension that requires more outlets to your home. Modern switchboards don’t use fuses and also have more safety features in their ability to detect faults and shut down as well as supply more power. A switchboard upgrade whilst not an attractive addition to your home is one of the most important ones.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Switchboard:

  • Short Circuits – Older switchboards are more likely to short-circuit, meaning there’s is a risk of the fuses catching fire, or risk of electric shock. If your current switchboard still has replaceable wires on the fuses, it’s a safety hazard and should be replaced.
  • Insufficient Power – Homes nowadays rely on many more appliances to run than they did only 20 years ago. With a reliance on computers and devices, air conditioners, home theatres, kitchen appliances, fitness equipment, pool pumps etc, it is essential that the switchboard is able to handle the amount of electricity required by the house. Indications of an insufficient power supply are power tripping & flickering lights.
  • Safety Switch – This gives you the ability to cut or restore power when necessary, a feature not present on older switchboards. An electrical safety switch is a crucial feature of modern switchboards.

How Much Does a New Switch Board Cost to Install?

A simple switchboard can be installed for as little as $900, but they vary hugely in their specifications, especially for businesses that require 3 phase units. There are many options so give us a call for a free quote.

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