Ducted Air Conditioning Installations

Tiger Electrical specialise in ducted aircon installs in Brisbane’s Northside. Ducted air conditioning is efficient, reliable and quiet. Whilst ducted systems are more expensive at the outset, they are more energy efficient (and so cost effective) long term for an entire home or business. They also offer extra benefits like zoning, but for single smaller rooms then a split system is more appropriate, but Tiger’s experts will work out what’s best for you, your situation and budget.

The performance of a ducted system is heavily dependent on the design as its not simply placing a unit on a wall and connecting it to an exterior unit like a split system. A ducted system becomes part of the property and will last a lifetime and be more efficient during this period. Ducted systems also add value to your home too, so let Brisbane’s Tiger Electrical guide you through the right system for a perfect install.


Benefits of a Ducted System:

  • Aesthetics – Ducted is almost invisible compared to split systems
  • Zoning – Ducted offers more control over each room and can power an entire house due to a centralised fan in the roof
  • Efficiency – Recent improvements in the last few years have made ducted more efficient for more than one room
  • Quieter – If you value your peace and quiet then a ducted is simply less noisy, especially outside as there are no external units


Complete Ducted Installation

Here at Tiger we will take care of all of the aspects of the system, from initial consultation, design, sales and installation. We can supply most major brands of aircon ensuring a lifetime of trouble free service as well as guidance on usage and control options (like smart systems and remotes allowing control from your devices). We will take care of the whole process from start to finish allowing you to get on with your life.


Why Choose Tiger Electrical?

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